When !O says she grew up in a protected world…is this different way of saying privileged?
I think some of what she says is reflected in the piece by A.Rahman Ford – in the sense that people don’t understand who he is based on how he looks. I am not sure that I understood the “Other” in relation to her personal story (it seems her life was “ok” in general) – but it does provide a basis for the point of the photographs and that people can overcome some fear of “other” when they look it in the eye.

NSOS 3800A Foundations of Gender Studies

This is a space where we can offer things to the rest of the class, continue discussions and start new threads of conversation. I moved this item from another page for your pleasure:

Annie-Rose Strasser, “Tennessee ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Now Requires Teachers to Inform Parents If Their Child is Gay,” Think Progress LGBT  January 30 2013. (Hat tip: Maximillian Kiehne.)

I also wondered: were there things you would have liked to bring up yesterday in class but didn’t have a chance to say because the conversation moved on? Ideas you have had since? Bring it on!

While you are at it, take a look at this video was circulated by Madeline R. Del Real.

The central arguments of this piece are very powerful and challenging, and focus on a notion of humanness that transcends race, gender and sexuality. Here are a couple that I am thinking about:


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